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Time Table Manager

Time Table Manager is scheduling software for school, colleges and institutes. Now the school timetabling is easy and you can schedule your school timetable within minutes.

Time Table Manager avoids clashes between tutors, classes, rooms and equipments. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources.

Time Table Manager will fully optimize resources as you allocate them. For all this you only need to enter some piece of basic data which includes information regarding teachers, class, subject, school week duration, time duration of lecture, etc. According to data you have entered you get Time Table, further if you want to modify it you can or if you liked it you can print it.

You can club your Time Table Manager with our School Management System. You won't be required to enter data again. This will help you to track even students at time when ever you require.

If there are any other constraints specific to your school requirements we will be glad to make our software fully customized as per your needs and requirements.


  • Time Table Manager can be adapted by any school. It is very user friendly and easy to use.
  • After devising of time table, it can further be modified as desired. Time Table Software will show changes or clashes that will occur due to it.
  • Configurable print outs can be printed for time table after it gets generated.
  • Full help & support manual is available for time table Manager. We also provide technical support by telephone and internet.
  • After Time table is generated one can view Teacher wise - Class wise.
  • Data Clashes that use to occur due to manual Time table design is no more now.
  • Administrator can lock and unlock particular subjects to take place at particular period of time.
  • Maintains attendance of teachers. In case some teacher is absent his classes can be allocated to free teachers for that period or lecture. .
    • Institute Manager provides you with various standard reports like: List of students registered, fee submitted on particular date or month etc.
    • Institute Manager provides you with reports with logo of your institute.




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